Mission Statement: The Ole Thrift Shop promotes environmentally-conscious, responsible consumption at St. Olaf College. 

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Mission Statement: The Ole Thrift Shop promotes environmentally-conscious, responsible consumption at St. Olaf College. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What items do you accept for donation?

​        The Ole Thrift Shop collects anything that a typical college student utilizes in their dorm room. This includes clothes    
           (including graduation robes if you don't want those cluttering your closet for the next couple of years), books, electronics,  
           furniture, and appliances. We do NOT accept food, including nonperishable food items. 


  • When and where does collection take place?
    Collection takes place beginning in May, from the ​17th to the 22nd. Boxes labeled "Ole Thrift Shop" will be placed near
    the Front Desk of each Residence Hall for items to be donated. If you have furniture or larger items, they can be placed in the area and we will pick them up. Please don't obstruct any pathways with these larger objects! It would also be helpful if any items that do not fit in the collection boxes could be labeled "Ole Thrift Shop".

  • What if I live off campus or in an Honor House?
    If you are currently living in an Honor House, specific instructions will be distributed to you along with plastic garbage bags for you to bag your own items. Items marked for collection can be placed on the front porch, where we will pick it up for you.  If you currently live off campus, you are welcome to donate items in a nearby Residence Hall, or in Buntrock Commons, where boxes will also be located.


  • What if I am a community member? Can I donate items and come to the Fall sale?
    Of course! We would love for you to get involved in our project. If you are a community member, feel free to donate items in Buntrock Commons. Boxes clearly marked "Ole Thrift Shop" will be available in those locations beginning in May.


  • Where do the profits go?
    The profits of the sale will go directly towards maintaining the project in following years. Currently we are in the process of establishing a grant that would allow us to invest our extra profits in sustainable initiatives on the Saint Olaf campus.

  • What happens to the items you don't sell in the Fall?
    Everything stays in Northfield! Any items we don't sell at our Ole Thrift Shop in September will be donated to a local homeless shelter. Your donated items are guaranteed to find a loving, new home!

  • How can I start something similar at my school?

            We're happy to spread the mission of sustainable and affordable thrifting, so please email us at olethriftshop@gmail.com                with any questions about the way we run our collection and sales. Ole Thrift Shop handbook for other schools coming soon!