The Ole Thrift Shop collects donations of used clothes, books, electronics, furniture, and appliances at the end of every school year. Collection will take place ​during finals week when boxes are placed near the Front Desk of every Residence Hall.

Over the summer, all of these items will be cleaned and sorted for the sale. The one-day only Thrift Shop will take place in early September in St. Olaf College's event venue, The Pause. In 2013, the first year of Ole Thrift Shop's operation, the inaugural one day sale turned a profit of over $7,000 which will all be reinvested back into the operation as well as donated to other student organizations dealing with sustainability at St. Olaf.  


Founded in May 2013, the Ole Thrift Shop is a student-led initiative committed to increasing the sustainability of St. Olaf College by extending the life-cycle of goods that would normally be discarded.

We are dedicated to empowering students with the knowledge of how their purchasing choices can be both environmentally conscious and economical, and aim to establish responsible consumerism as a practice that is continued by students throughout their lifetime.

Tamira Fuentes '19

Intercampus Liaison 

Mission Statement: The Ole Thrift Shop promotes environmentally-conscious, responsible consumption at St. Olaf College. 

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Harper Foote '18

Sustainability Coordinator


Meet Your Current Thrift Shop Team

James Wheeler '18

Business Coordinator

About Us

Want to Help?

E-mail and let us know you want to help. It is vital to the success of our sale that we have volunteers sign-up and help out in this once-a-year event! PLUS volunteers have the additional bonus of receiving one free item of your choice for every hour worked!

Anna Linden '18

Marketing Coordinator


Chenchen Xu

Business/Finance Coordinator

Our Mission

Sarah Schweyen '18

Collection Coordinator

Mission Statement: The Ole Thrift Shop promotes environmentally-conscious, responsible consumption at St. Olaf College. 

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Kalen Doyle '18

Co-Event Coordinator